September 15, 2006

Angel Of Mercy

Nurses and doctors at Hollywood's famed Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (who've endured more than their share of abusive behavior by snotty, bossy showbiz stars) are suddenly getting downright teary-eyed about the down-to-earth sweetness of Angelina Jolie to the staff.

Angelina Jolie accompanies cancer-stricken mom Marcheline Bertrand to her chemotherapy sessions and brings gift and is "truly an angel," an insider tells The National Enquirer.

"Angelina delights everyone she encounters," gushed an insider.

"She brings tons of baked goods and trinkets for the nurses, unfailingly makes chatty visits to other patients — then cheerfully signs autographs and poses for photos with anyone who asks while waiting for her mom. Said one awed source: "Angelina's one of the biggest stars this town's ever seen — but she never wants anyone to make a fuss over her!"

It's a shame that Angie's mother has cancer and she and Brad Pitt have to struggle with the uncertainty, but it's great to hear they can still be kind as they struggle.

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Angelina Jolie -- [Click to Enlarge] Angelina Jolie -- [Click to Enlarge]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is another place that talks about Angelina's charity work.

Thank you.

10:10 PM, November 02, 2006  

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