August 30, 2006

Jon Voight loves Shakira !

Jon Voight has been desperately trying to repair his relationship with estranged daughter Angelina Jolie by publicly requesting to see his grandchildren, but he may have further hampered their relationship by mistakenly calling his granddaughter Shakira instead of Zahara.

The veteran actor was caught on tape at the British Academy Of Film And Television Arts Tea Party on Saturday, where he was doing interviews on the red carpet. Entertainment news website has posted footage of Voight sending birthday wishes to his grandson Maddox saying, "Maddox just had a birthday. Happy birthday, Maddox! Five years old - it's a big one! You're going to be a young man, and I send my love out to you. And send my love to...uh...Shakira...and Shahira..."

The befuddled grandfather then asked the reporter, 'Is it Shakira or Shahira?' apparently confusing the one-and-a-half-year-old tot for the 29-year-old Colombian singer. When the reporter replied that the correct name of Angelina and Brad Pitt's adopted daughter was Zahara, the confused Voight added, "Shahara! Shahara!"

The couple's other daughter Shiloh Nouvel, who is three months old, failed to get a mention. Jolie and her father haven't spoken since he went on US entertainment show "Access Hollywood" four years ago, urging his daughter to get help for her "mental problems."

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